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A little background on where eXp Realty was started during the downturn in 2009, and what its vision was back then.


eXp Realty Founder; Glenn Sanford’s Vision which was shared in eXp World at a webinar / training in September 2018 by Brad Anderson; eXp Director of Education for eXp:

“I want to build a Real Estate Company that I myself would want to go to work for”

eXp Realty Founder; Glenn Sanford in 2009


“we want eXp’s Value Proposition to be So Good, that it would actually be irresponsible for an Agent or Broker to hang their license anywhere else”

eXp Realty Founder; Glenn Sanford at an early eXp meeting in 2009


Today; this is what we have at eXp:

  • Awesome Commission Splits
  • Stock Rewards
  • Residual Retirement Income
  • The Best Real Estate Lead Generation Systems
  • Amazing Live Training Each Week
  • Constant Referral Opportunities
  • Additional Revenue Streams Being Added Continually
  • Local And National Support Systems in place


On top of that, at our Artery / Team / Group / Co-Op (GPREG) we have additional support systems in place to help you succeed using this model and grow regardless where you are located in the US, Canada, UK or Australia.


REALTORS; how would you like to have all of the above and more?


Call,  or text: REALTOR  to: 239-360-5527

Visit:  to see the video and apply as agent to Join eXp and begin your due dilligence.  Contact sponsor Barry anytime.


REALTORS, also; please let me know if you would like more information on how to “Grow Your Business And Add Residual Income”

email: Barry@SWFLLuxury.Com   ☘


Here is a summary of our Resources that Sponsor Barry Hoey provides:


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We are all in this together; we have your back.

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