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Here is the expanded real estate data for the December 2019, January 2020 February 2020 and March 2020 issues of "Naples Lifestyle" magazine published by Lifestyle Publications

Some of the closed sales are from the Hoey Team ☘ brokered by eXp Realty transactions.  One is helping a Buyer secure a great deal at 87.5% of list price, another is helping a Seller achieve 96% of list price and having the Seller net $100,000 more than they were initially hoping for, please ask us for more information on how we can help you or someone you know.

This data is a snapshot for "what is selling in Naples", please ask us for information on specific neighborhoods / areas / property types; without obligation.  Naples; which covers most of Collier County is a very unique market area with many different community types; property types and price points; we are familiar with and serve all of them.  Some but not all are mentioned here.

March 2020 Naples Realty Report Data

AddressNeighborhoodList PriceSold Price%S/LDOMBedsBathsSold Date
575 2nd St S, Unit 1-202, Naples, FL 34102Olde Naples$995,000$925,00093%322(01/13/20)
2401 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Unit 23, Naples, FL 34103Moorings$1,050,000$1,025,00098%222(01/09/20)
10 Seagate Dr, Unit 1N, Naples, FL 34103Naples Cay$4,695,000$4,500,00096%744(12/30/19)
1540 5th Ave S Unit D301, Naples, FL 34102Naples Bay Resort$2,095,000$1,950,00093%1133.5(01/06/20)
4451 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Unit 1204, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$1,100,000$1,000,00091%333(01/14/20)
5074 Seahorse Ave, Naples, FL 34103Seagate$1,950,000$1,825,00094%1633(01/15/20)
6513 Thomas Jefferson Ct, Naples, FL 34108Pelican Bay$6,995,000$6,850,00098%056.5 +.5(12/26/19)
4500 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Unit 131, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$1,224,900$1,220,400100%1223(01/15/20)
223 Bayfront Dr, Bonita Springs, FL 34134Barefoot Beach$4,999,000$4,500,00090%345.5(01/07/20)
150 13th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102Olde Naples$4,150,000$3,650,00088%1745.5(01/02/20)
1140 Oleander Dr, Naples, FL 34102Coquina Sands$4,000,000$3,780,00095%1055.5(01/15/20)
478 Marquesas Ct, Marco Island, FL 34145Marco Island$1,550,000$1,340,00086%1743.5(01/16/20)
4301 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Unit 1702, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$1,987,000$1,870,00094%023(01/08/20)
1752 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Naples, FL 34102Coquina Sands$4,750,000$4,700,00099%1445.5(01/07/20)
4401 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Unit C-904, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$1,545,000$1,475,00095%1633.5(01/10/20)
423 Spinnaker Dr, Naples, FL 34102Moorings$3,750,000$3,600,00096%1844.5(01/10/20)
4751 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Unit 1405, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$1,225,000$1,225,000100%722(01/13/20)
9294 Marble Stone Dr, Naples, FL 34120The Quarry$1,600,000$1,600,000100%044(01/15/20)
4901 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Unit 603, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$1,195,000$1,115,00093%1323(01/08/20)
10420 Gulf Shore Dr, Unit 163, Naples, FL 34108Vanderbilt Beach$959,000$959,000100%322(12/30/19)

February 2020 Naples Realty Report Data:

AddressNeighborhoodList PriceSold Price%S/LDOMBedsBathsSold Date
4351 Gulf Shore Blvd N Unit 5S, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$7,100,000$6,900,00097%044.512/16/2019
260 Barefoot Beach Blvd Unit 202, Bonita Springs, FL 34134Barefoot Beach$950,000$867,50091%03212/2/2019
530 Coral Dr, Naples, FL 34102Coquina Sands$3,995,000$3,850,00096%144.512/4/2019
125 Caribbean Rd, Naples, FL 34108Pine Ridge$1,295,000$1,185,00092%43212/17/2019
10951 Gulf Shore Dr Unit#705, Naples, FL 34108Vanderbilt Beach$1,849,000$1,825,00099%33312/9/2019
2400 Windward WAY, Naples, FL 34103Moorings$4,495,000$4,317,00096%044.512/17/2019
5142 Kensington High St, Naples, FL 34105Kensington$949,900$900,00095%033.511/25/2019
900 17th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102Aqualane Shores$10,350,000$10,000,00097%566.5 +.512/19/2019
10046 Florence Cir, Naples, FL 34119Palazzo At Naples$749,000$749,000100%343.512/18/2019
1671 Vinland Way, Naples, FL 34105Landings at Bears Paw$2,298,864$2,290,872100%033.5 +.512/18/2019
4041 Gulf Shore Blvd N Unit 1704, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$799,900$749,00094%02211/21/2019
6573 Marissa Loop Unit 1503, Naples, FL 34108Pelican Bay$1,000,000$950,00095%12212/6/2019
4532 Lighthouse Ln, Naples, FL 34112Windstar $1,595,000$1,555,00097%45512/17/2019
6652 Stonegate Dr, Naples, FL 34109Crossings$1,190,000$1,090,00092%44312/4/2019
448 Oak Ave, Naples, FL 34108Vanderbilt Beach$1,485,000$1,300,00088%1393212/20/2019
451 Bayfront PL Unit 5204, Naples, FL 34102Bayfront$749,000$700,00093%02212/5/2019
4255 Gulf Shore Blvd N Unit 404, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$1,295,000$1,275,00098%33312/4/2019
1000 S Collier Blvd Unit#301, Marco Island, FL 34145Marco Island$879,000$845,00096%23212/12/2019
585 Bay Villas Ln Unit 88, Naples, FL 34108Pelican Bay$999,000$890,00089%03212/18/2019
2003 Imperial Golf Course Blvd, Naples, FL 34110Imperial Golf Estates$699,900 $700,000100%242.512/13/2019

January 2020 Naples Realty Report Data:

AddressNeighborhoodList PriceSold Price%S/LDOMBedsBathsSold Date
4501 Gulf Shore BLVD N, #804, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$3,149,000$3,000,00095%03311/6/2019
2728 Crayton Rd, Naples, FL 34103Moorings$1,335,000$1,200,00090%103311/1/2019
28901 Somers Dr, Naples, FL 34119Quail West$3,100,000$2,850,00092%044.511/18/2019
9403 Surfbird Ct, Naples, FL 34120Greyhawk$749,000$749,000100%73310/31/2019
837 Barcarmil Way, Naples, FL 34110Colliers Preserve$2,495,000$2,260,00091%044.5 +.510/21/2019
14468 Marsala Way, Naples, FL 34109Tiburon$1,450,000$1,385,00096%114411/5/2019
5182 Tallowood Way, Naples, FL 34116Logan Woods$769,000$735,00096%04310/30/2019
830 Fairlawn Ct, Marco Island, FL 34145Marco Island$1,699,000$1,575,00093%144.5 +.511/13/2019
2829 Capistrano Way, Naples, FL 34105Grey Oaks$2,100,000$2,050,00098%1344.511/18/2019
2502 Augusta Dr, Naples, FL 34109Pelican Marsh$1,079,000$1,025,00095%13311/13/2019
2360 Snook Dr, Naples, FL 34102Royal Harbor$2,350,000$2,050,00087%153310/31/2019
1192 Bond Ct, Marco Island, FL 34145Marco Island$1,249,000$1,235,00099%23211/1/2019
376 3rd St S, #203, Naples, FL 34102Olde Naples$950,000$925,00097%72211/18/2019
266 Barefoot Beach Blvd, #303, Bonita Springs, FL 34134Barefoot Beach$975,000$960,00098%163211/19/2019
438 Devils Ln, Naples, FL 34103Park Shore$1,365,000$1,225,00090%33310/22/2019
12316 Wisteria Dr, Naples, FL 34120Twin Eagles$995,000$939,00094%153511/15/2019
2333 Cheshire Ln, Naples, FL 34109Pelican Marsh$1,090,000$1,090,000100%24310/31/2019
300 Dunes Blvd, #PH-3, Naples, FL 34110The Dunes$1,050,000$975,00093%163211/4/2019
717 Woodhaven Ln, Naples, FL 34108Pelican Bay$1,395,000$1,375,00099%1833.511/15/2019
7485 Treeline Dr, Naples, FL 34119Olde Cypress$987,000$987,000100%1933.511/7/2019

December 2019 Naples Realty Report Data:

AddressNeighborhoodList PriceSold Price%S/LDOMBedsBathsSold Date
6840 Sable Ridge Ln, Naples, 34109Livingston Woods$895,000$877,00098%6033.56/27/2019
3003 Gulf Shore Blvd N #803, Naples, 34103Moorings$1,549,000$1,510,00097%12236/20/2019
4951 Gulf Shore Blvd N #1104, Naples, 34103Park Shore$2,100,000$2,050,00098%6236/26/2019
5765 Hidden Oaks Ln, Naples, 34119Oakes Estates$1,249,900$1,100,00088%4043.56/6/2019
3033 Renaissance Ct, Naples, 34119Old Cypress$1,599,000$1,500,00094%944.55/16/2019
4141 Belair Ln, Naples, 34103Park Shore$2,699,000$2,600,00096%4544.57/12/2019
26977 Mclaughlin Blvd, Bonita Springs 34134Carolands$1,899,000$1,850,00097%144.55/3/2019
4940 Tamarind Ridge Dr, Naples, 34119Logan Woods$975,000$910,00093%1044.58/2/2019
4501 Gulf Shore Blvd N #803, Naples, 34103Park Shore$3,200,000$3,050,00095%48237/8/2019
342 Golf Dr S, Naples, 34102Olde Naples$2,795,000$2,687,00096%2733.510/10/2019
3830 1st Ave SW, Naples, 34117Weber Woods$997,000$940,00094%6943.56/27/2019
29140 Positano LN, Naples, 34110Mediterra$1,600,000$1,500,00094%5033.54/26/2019
2595 Tarpon Rd, Naples, 34102Royal Harbor$3,850,000$3,600,00094%3043.54/30/2019
391 17th St NW, Naples 34117Golden Gate Estates$1,250,000$1,200,00096%48443/26/2019
693 107th Ave N, Naples, 34108Naples Park$724,900$700,00097%18438/5/2019
16531 Cellini Ln, Naples, 34110Mediterra$1,799,000$1,650,00092%5244.55/15/2019
16350 Corsica Way Unit 7-202, Naples, 34110Talis Park$1,199,999$1,150,00096%2633.59/25/2019
6762 Trail Blvd, Naples, 34108Pine Ridge$1,525,000$1,434,00094%834.56/26/2019
265 Indies Way Unit 501, Naples, 34110The Dunes$1,150,000$1,155,000100%42335/16/2019
807 Spyglass Ln, Naples, 34102Port Royal$5,900,000$5,900,000100%3756.55/3/2019

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