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With all of the corrupt / bad / evil / treasonous / questionable things that are going on all across our world right now, we as responsible human beings wanted to share the following websites and resources to educate & help fight some of the evil we see before us.  We aim to be fully informed and to help make our world a better place for everyone by bringing awareness, educating & awakening others.

It does not matter if you are Red, Blue, Black, Brown, White, we help people of all religions from all countries & cultures in this hurting world.

Born in Ireland FREEDOM translates to SAOIRSE means a lot to Barry ☘ Especially; as anyone who is familiar with Irish history will appreciate and understand.

If you would like to see another resource or website added for your country / area, please email Barry@SWFLLuxury.Com thanks, Barry

www.SaveUSMarch.Com points to this webpage, please feel free to use or share it / its resources with others to help educate friends and family.

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🚨 Enslavement Related "items" here in the US and Globally 🌐  that the Cabal / Black Hats "had been" using or planning to use 👇

John Kerry spills the beans at U.N.’s COP27 meeting: They want to replace capitalism with a new economic system

No Joke, Climate Change Professionals Now Provide Goals and Individual Allowances for Transportation, Food, and Clothing

World Economic Forum calls for end to private car ownership

Quantum Financial System Manual from

What is QFS? Quantum Financial System Resources Summarized -

United States  🗽 🙏

Mike King ~ Real News And History - Previously

What is a Woman - Another must watch - By Matt Walsh

Police State

The Sound of Freedom "God's Childern are Not for Sale"

FCB D3CODE - Freedom Channel Broadcast - Q Decoder

Vatican Secret Chambers - Mystery Babylon, the Jesuit Order & American history 

US Debt Clock

National Quantum Initiative

Derek Johnson Bombshell Interview on The Soverign Soul Show


True The Vote;       Patriot Games with Gregg Phillips - Freedom of information

We The People Declare Freedom - Review and Sign Four Documents today

ProtectAmerica.Vote  Connect with your Sheriff, in Partnership with True The Vote

2000 Mules by Dinesh D'Souza Trailer  ~  2000 Mules full Documentary / Movie 

What are SURETY BONDS explained - Bonds For The Win

From JFK to 9/11, Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

911 an Anatomy of a Great Deception

9/11: The Advent Of Ninth Crusade -

Derek Johnson ~ 1776 Nation     1776 Nation ~ The Documents, view & download

Viral Video by Country Music Artist Derek Johnson

Died Suddenly the movie

A Must See Video series which dives in and outlines many of the problems that we have today.    The currently 28 part series is accessable from this one link:   * The Fall of The Cabal Parts One through Twenty Eight *

GeoEngineering Watch

The Dimming     Was Hurricane Ian a Manufactured Storm System?

Klaus Schwab's lead advisor, Yuval Noah Harari Teaches Jesus is Fake News

Klaus Schwab describes need for 4th Industrial Revolution / Great Reset at G20

Yuval Noah Harari advocates changing all laws 

Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium 

Mike Lindell - Dennis Montgomery 

"I want My Vote Counted as it was Cast"   

Information on President Trump Rallies can be found here:    www.DonaldJTrump.Com

www.DonaldTrumpJR.Com   Don Trump Junior

Federal Election Committee where you can check for Political Candidate(s) and their Campaign Funds across the US:

Before watching this series Out of Babylon with David Straight be sure to watch this Disclaimer Video first, thanks

Out of Babylon with David Straight Part 1

Out of Babylon with David Straight Part 2

Out of Babylon with David Straight Part 3

Out of Babylon with David Straight Part 4

Out of Babylon with David Straight Part 5

Out of Babylon with David Straight Part 6

Out of Babylon with David Straight Part 7

Out of Babylon with David Straight Part 8

State National Community - David Straight


FREESPOKE a Non Restricted Search Engine

Florida 🌴

Collier County Becomes a Bill of Rights Sanctuary County

Register to Vote in Florida

Florida Voter Precinct Lookup

Part-Time Patriot Project; based here in Naples Southwest Florida

Senate Bill 222 and House Bill 305 ~ Protection of Medical Freedom Act ~ Information on What You Can Do

We The People TV Network

FL Freedom Keepers - Business Freedom Network

Bold Business for Liberty - Time to Stand Up - Florida Link

Southwest Florida ~ Alfie Oakes and Jim Boatman Organization:  Citizens Awake NowClick Here to reach their Facebook Page

A Blunt and To the Point Colonel Douglas MacGregor Presentation at the Alamo, Naples, aka "FreedomVilleFL" Southwest Florida, October 27, 2021

Colonel Doug MacGregor Q & A at the Alamo, Vip Evening, arranged by SAVAPAC, Sponsored by 239RealEstateDeals.Com LLC

Secure Florida Group

Reach out to Barry at 239-360-5527 of you want to have items / resources added. Thanks, and God Bless.

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