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With all the bad / questionable things that are going on all across our world right now, we as responsible human beings wanted to share the following websites and resources to fight some of the evil we see before us, and try to help make our world a better place for everyone.

It does not matter if you are Red, Blue, Black, Brown, White, we want to help people of all religions from all countries in this hurting world.

Born in Ireland FREEDOM translated to SAOIRSE means a lot to Barry ☘ especially; as anyone who is familiar with Irish history will appreciate and understand.

If you want to see another resource or website added for your country, please email Barry@SWFLLuxury.Com thanks, Barry

www.SaveUSMarch.Com points to this webpage, please feel free to use or share with others to help educate all.

United States  🗽 🙏

Jab Free Jobs for Employers to Advertise Positions and Job Seekers to Look for a Job, where jab is not manditory

Florida Voter Precinct Lookup

Strikeback - Patriots Supporting Patriots - A marketplace for Patriots

Lt Steven Rogers - Campaign For America

Campaign 4 America - Lt Steven Rogers

A Blunt and To the Point Colonel Douglas MacGregor Presentation at the Alamo, Naples, aka "FreedomVilleFL" Southwest Florida, October 27, 2021

Colonel Doug MacGregor Q & A at the Alamo, Vip Evening, arranged by SAVAPAC, Sponsored by 239RealEstateDeals.Com LLC

Serbian American Voters Alliance:

Ask us about Freedom Fridays in Freedom Town USA; aka: Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida Fallen Officers  

Blue Bowl Co-Ed Flag Football Toutnament; Lee and Collier County Presented By: 239RealEstateDeals.Com LLC:  www.BlueBowl.Org 

Season 2 Legends Concert Series 

Combined information on the Fallen Officers Blue Bowl & Legends Concert Series 

Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium 

"I want My Vote Counted as it was Cast" 

Retired Air Force Member: Wendy Rogers website, including a petition to decertify 2020 election: 

Information on President Trump Rallies can be found here:    www.DonaldJTrump.Com

www.DonaldTrumpJR.Com   Project Veritas ~ "Be Brave Do Something"


Southwest Florida ~ Alfie Oakes and Jim Boatman Organization:  Citizens Awake Now - Click Here to reach their Facebook Page

Florida 🌴

Register to Vote in Florida

Ireland  ☘ 🙏

Gemma O'Doherty Investigative Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker: 


Cuba 🙏

Information coming on a video being shown here in Naples Florida in support of the Cuban Community from all across the world.

Please let us know if there are other resources we should add which will help make the world a better place for all of us, thanks.

The links and informtion shared are not an endorsement; but rather a place for information; especially that not shared by “todays media”.

Barry & Kim.

Southwest Florida; “Freedom City” or "Freedom Town" USA

🔔 Brief Video on the The Irish Connection to the crime of the century and more from 2020 US Presidential Elections - the FULL VIDEO is below 👇

🚨 Summary Video / Overview of How and What Happened in the 2020 US Presidential Elections from The Cyber Symposium 🚨

Rumble Link:

A Professors’ presentation during the Cyber Symposium utilizing a parable to show the crime committed in the 2020 election

Rumble Link:

President Trump 45 speech at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) 2021 Orlando Florida 02 28 2021: 

Rumble Link:

Unfortunately YouTube took down this video of a President of the United States of America .... we are in an unfree era, where our rights under the constution are sadly being stripped away.  

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